flashForm enables you to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to conduct any type of risk assessment, inspection or survey. You can use one of our 'off the shelf' form templates, or we can develop a form to your specification.

Collecting data on site is easy, with a number of field types available such as Date Pickers, Text Boxes, Photos and Pick Lists. Once you're done, simply synchronise your completed assessment to our server using a mobile phone network or Wi-Fi internet zone. We can configure flashForm to send email alerts each time a new form is submitted, or even provide a datafeed directly into MS Excel, enabling you to see your data in real-time as it is collected.


flashCloud automatically collects and stores your completed flashForms, enabling you to access your data and create pdf reports in one click. And because flashCloud is based on the web, no specialist software is required. Just log in from any computer to view and manage your data.

For companies who require enhanced reporting and work-flow capabilities, we provide flashCloud for Teams. Using Teams, you can view risks at a glance, assign tasks to staff members and manage action plans. Staff members can have different access privileges, and can update the status of any tasks for which they are responsible. Data can be filtered using a range of criteria including: Assessment Type, Premises Name, Task Owner, Assessment Date and Task Due Date.