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Chartered Fire Engineer Ian Taylor has been accepted onto the IFE's prestigous Register of Fire Risk Assessors, based on fire risk assessments generated using flashCompliance.

In a rigorous application process, spaning nearly 12 months, Ian submitted numerous assessments for review, all generated using our flashForm app and flashCloud website. The assessments submitted included blocks of flats and residential care premises, and were all based on our pre-built FRA templates.

flashCompliance delivers for London 2012

Fire Risk Assessments of the Athletes Village When specialist fire safety consultants, Independent Fire Engineering Services, were tasked with completing Fire Risk Assessments at short notice for the London 2012 Athletes' Village, they turned to flashCompliance for a solution.

IFES used our flashForm app to record the findings of their fire risk assessments on-site, and then produced the final reports with our flashCloud website.

Fast, consistent and intuitive recording

By selecting one of our pre-built Fire Risk Assessment forms, developed specifically for residential buildings by Chartered Fire Engineers, IFES were able to start using flashForm as soon as they downloaded it from the App Store, with no need for specialist training. And with nearly 500 tasks built into the app, action plans could be built quickly and consistently.

Customised PDFs in minutes

Once back at the office, IFES could simply log in to our flashCloud website, where their fire risk assessments were waiting for them. An introduction could be easily added for each assessment, and the PDF format customised to reflect IFES's needs, before generating a PDF report in one click.

Newlon enter their second year with flashForm

Newlon Housing Trust use flashForm Newlon Housing Trust have just entered their second year of using our flashForm app to complete Health & Safety Inspections of their London properties.

The form developed by us enables Newlon's Concierge and Building Services teams to quickly collect information using iPads and iPhones, and immediately assign building issues to specific people or specialist contractors.

In their first year with flashForm, Newlon have completed more than 2200 inspections, and identified over 6000 building issues. All this information, including photos, is then pushed straight to an Excel worksheet, enabling the Housing Services team to easily monitor outstanding issues.

Over 500 fire risk assessments for Great Places

Great Places

More than 500 fire risk assessments have been completed for Great Places and Plumlife using our flashForm app.

Fire engineers from Fraigneux completed the assessments of a variety of building types, including purpose-built blocks of flats, HMOs, supported accommodation and listed buildings. The completed assessments were then loaded on to our flashCloud website, where Great Places' staff can view assessments and manage action plans.

"flashCloud is excellent"

The feedback from Great Places and Plumlife has been fantastic:

"The flashCloud website is excellent. It’s a really useful tool for keeping track of what everyone is doing and making sure we keep the Fire Risk Assessments active."

Rachel Darling
Leasehold & New Tenures Manager
Plumlife Homes