Spending too much time typing reports? Buried under paperwork? Struggling to manage action plans? Then we can help!

With our flashForm app you can collect data quickly and accurately using an iPad or iPhone. You can select from our range of pre-built forms, or we can build a form to suit your specific needs.

Forms completed with flashForm can then be sent remotely to flashCloud, our web-based reporting application. Here you can view completed forms, manage action plans, create branded PDF reports and much more. And because flashCloud is web-based, you can do all of this without needing any specialist software.

Whether you're a specialist consultant or managing a large team, we have a lot to offer.


Save valuable time

Using flashForm to collect compliance information on site is quick and simple. We focus on keeping things as simple as possible, to ensure your site visits can be completed as quickly and accurately as possible.

As soon as an assessment has been completed it can be synchronised to flashCloud, providing instant access for people in your team.


PDF Reports in one click

Need a PDF report, customised with your company branding? No problem.  With flashCloud you can configure a number of PDF settings, then simply produce a PDF report of any assessment with one click. We even give the PDF the filename of the premises it relates to!

Tried and tested

All of our pre-built forms have been developed and tested by experts in the field. That's why several thousand fire risk assessments have been completed using our pre-built templates, many of which have successfully passed the scrutiny of enforcing authorities.

A visual record

Adding photos to your assessments could not be easier. From each task, simply tap the photo field and take a photo with your device's built-in camera. That photo will then be automatically associated with that task. There's no need to save photos or worry about filenames, flashForm takes care of it all for you.


Assessments completed with our flashForm app can be sent straight to our flashCloud website. This means you can access and manage your completed assessments from anywhere in the world, with no specialist software required.


The majority of questions on flashForm are mandatory, meaning it's impossible to complete an assessment until all questions have been answered. If you've forgotten to answer a question, or even a whole section, flashForm will tell you exactly what you've missed.

With flashForm you can be sure that every assessment has been finished before submitting it.


360° Compliance

flashCloud features a powerful, yet intuitive revision feature. Simply select the forms that you want to revise, and who is going to revise them, and that user will automatically receive a copy of that form on their device. The form can then be revised as necessary, with the original version stored for reference.