flashForm enables you to complete compliance audits in the field using your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Completed forms can then be synchronised to flashCloud, our website where you view assessments, create reports and manage action plans.


flashCloud. Collect & store completed flashForms. Create custom PDF reports. Manage action plans. Export to excel. All over the internet.


Action Stations!

Our fire risk assessment forms include over 500 built-in tasks, which can be quickly selected from drop down lists. This means that action plans can be quickly generated, with consistency across a number of assessors.

Each task can be edited to suit the specific circumstances, and if there isn't a built-in task to suit, you can just type your own.

All tasks include:

  • Category - enabling easy filtering of action plans
  • flashList - select from built-in tasks
  • Action Required - edit tasks to suit specific needs
  • Priority - essential in managing action plans
  • Photo - capture a visual record



flashCloud automatically collects and stores completed flashForms, enabling you to view completed audits on the internet, without the need for specialist software.

But flashCloud is much more than a simple storage system. Features include:

  • Create pdf reports in one click
  • Customise pdf reports
  • Export action plans to Excel
  • Add custom Introductions to each audit
  • View audits and action plans
  • Assign tasks to people in your organisation
  • Update the progress of tasks


No Signal, No Problem

Poor network coverage?
Working in a basement?
No access to Wi-Fi?

Our flashForm app works off-line, so you can complete your audits without an internet connection. At the end of the day, simply use a Wi-Fi or 3G connections to upload your completed assessments to our flashCloud website.

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